Feel the ROAR

 Our Roastery, HQ & Depot is located in Lumsden, a small town in the heart of Southland. It's a long way from the green belt of coffee and from where our beans originate but here we are!

Having hailed from the far North we have embraced Southland wholeheartedly and are so proud to call it home. After nearly a decade here, we know it's home. Just like our namesake the introduced Red Deer of Fiordland, its an easy place to do so.

Southland is home to good people. People who work hard, love their land and generations that never leave. ROAR COFFEE pays homage to these folk. The cold hard winters, the beautiful long hot dry summers...and the life that is lived with tenacity, loyalty and passion. Life and 'a way of life' is celebrated in the Deep South. Everything is something...whether it's Whitebaiting Season...Duck Shooting Weekends...or the famous Stag ROAR! Hard graft, integrity and great things come from Southland. And now we bring you coffee...good coffee, stuff and things. We don’t want to get too fancy. There are enough Specialty Coffee Roasters doing a wonderful job of that. We want to celebrate our locals and be locals. So if you are looking for some ground coffee for your plunger, some to take bush with the boys on a hunting trip or if you are a cafe that is missing a familiar brand or approach in your business...here we are!

Our vision was to create a business that supports the philosophy of Southland. We wanted to provide our local hard grafters with locally roasted coffee & good old fashioned customer service. We have also created a business that is good, honest & transparent.

We want you ROARING too! We want to keep it simple, encourage people's passion for coffee, help you understand where it comes from and the many different stages of life it has from crop to cup. We support locals and locals support us...Enjoy your cup of Southland!