The source of the ROAR

Ethically Traded Beans from the World to Southland

We source our beans direct from the growers, so we get the best beans and they get a fair price. With growers in Columbia and Guatemala, these are the worlds largest producers. We keep a minimal supply chain to make sure we are sourcing as sustainable as possible and our values are shared in trusting well established relationships from Crop to Cup!

Ethically sourced, fairly traded, organic 100% arabica beans


Small Batch Roasted

Roasted in the heart of Southland, in small batches to ensure freshness and quality, using ethically sourced, fairly traded & organic arabica beans. We deliver direct to your door, whether it's your home or café, freshly roasted and delicious. 

We don’t profess to be fancy but we are sensible, we are simple & we are Southland. 
That's why we’ve got the locals roaring.

House Blend

A medium roast that is rich, nutty and full bodied with a sweet toffee and malty fragrance. Bright acidity with chocolately soft sweetness and top notes of golden raisin. A wonderful espresso blend that will cut through a milky latte or have you roaring after a crema topped espresso! 

Our house blend is a blend of 100% Arabica Coffee Beans from Columbia & Guatemala.

Honduras Decaf 

Our Fair Trade Organic Honduran Decaf is water processed before roasting to remove the caffeine. A light caramel and malty aroma, medium bodied coffee with a sweet milk chocolate character, soft acidity and of course no caffeine. Appley sweet and enjoyable.

Our green beans are Mountain Water Processed by immersion in water to remove 99.9% of the caffeine. This process means the beans will contain all their natural components only without the caffeine.