Want ROAR in your Café?

You want to make awesome coffee and we want to help you!

With a huge background in hospitality and business we know that running a cafe can be hard work. We want to work alongside you to make sure your customers keep coming back. Not just a friendly face but a helping hand.

We can help you to source machinery that will meet your needs and provide ongoing training. We can have your machines serviced regularly and are on call to help when needed. Investing in knowledge and training will give you good coffee. It’s a no brainer!

We can offer training on site or at our own training facility here in Southland. Offering basic skills to those just learning and help those more developed upskill and evolve.

Just give Matt a call anytime and we’ll come and visit.

The beauty of ROAR is that we want to keep things simple. You’ll be dealing with us directly. We roast and deliver your coffee to you! We are on the spot to help with decisions and questions…being on the road with you to achieve great things!

On Site Training

Help with Sourcing Machinery

Regular Machine Maintenance

On Call Service

The Best Coffee in Southland